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What exactly does nanofibers filter?

Nanofibers allow breathing air, but block the virus

Air anti-aerosol filter fabric for respiratory protection from viruses from polymer nano-fibers, "Cocoon" series.

 In fact, it is a membrane that allows air and vapor to pass through, but does not allow viruses and bacteria and aerosol to pass through. The sandwich structure with thick fibers on the outside and ultra-fine fibers on the inside provides a fabric strength with ultrafine filtration of 98% at 60 nm, and more than 99.5% at larger particles. The combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers disperses the vapor from breathing and provides low breathing resistance during the entire wearing period.
Biodegradable and hypo-allergenic PLA polymer fibers does not irritate the skin and is safe for fiber to enter the lungs. The coating of the fibers from copper ions and polyelectrolytes, which increases the surface negative charge of the polymer, of the nano-fiber destroys the envelopes of the virus and immobilizes them. The surface of cells is also negatively charged, a positively charged virus is attracted to it, as well as attracted to fibers.

Mainly the design of our mask will be different at the nano level, in the world of viruses


Filtration  0.3 mkm 99.95 %

Breathing resistance 25 Pa

Material:  PLA

Strip 25 cm wide, rolled up. Thickness 0.2 mkm.

fpp 15000 сетка вирус.png
nanofibers fpp42 250k virus  50 nm.png
The order is paid in full and will be ready within 4 months. The buyer can cancel the order, in which case the funds will be returned within 3 months. In case of receiving goods of inadequate quality, the buyer returns the goods and the money is returned within a month. Delivery at the expense of the buyer in any convenient way
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