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Nano-fibers can delay the virus

The nano-fibers we previously made for membranes can also be used in breathe filters to protect against viruses.

The process of obtaining nanofibres, optimized for video. Nano-threads look like a web


Nano-fibers with an average diameter of 400 nm

65765 2.png

Nano-fibres and CoVID-19 virus, size comparison

What does the coronavirus COVID-19 look like in comparison with nano-fibers. Full report here


Nano-fibers on tweezers


Nano-fibers (white) between layers of nonwoven fabric, filter preparation

We fabricated test filters and tested kerosene soot with nano-particles, the average size of which is less than 130 nm.


The distribution of soot particles from kerosene used in the filtering experiment. Source (

filter test mask gap.png

Samples after nano-particles soot filtration. S - when filtering through standard tissue used in medical masks, N - when filtering through nano-threads. Side dark trace on sample N shows the danger of masked gaps


Filters for a respirator made using nano-fibers

Technical Director Oleg Baranov demonstrates a filter based on nano-fibers

How nano-fibers based  filters fit into a respirator

The manufacturing technology of nano-fibers is patented.

RU2676621C2, WO2017176163

(Dmitry Lopatin, Oleg Baranov, Elizaveta Korzhova, as well as with the participation of Professor Viktor Nikonenko and Professor Natalia Pismenskaya).

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